Earth Day to May Day!

From Earth Day to May Day we will be hosting actions on the state-wide level to demand people, planet peace over profit! The capital city of Olympia will be ground zero in this 10 days of action. Check in often on this page to learn more.


gcc-handJoin the Earth Day to May Day Wave of Action! People, Planet, Peace over Profit!

Dear Friend of People, Planet and Peace over Profit!

As we begin another year of unprecedented crisis and uprising, the demand for deep change is stronger than ever. Thank you for all you’ve done to bring us to this historic moment. To harness the growing force for transformation, we are writing to invite you to join in a groundbreaking new initiative – the Global Climate Convergence for People, Planet and Peace over Profit. To join the Convergence network and receive email updates, go here.

The Convergence is an education and direct action campaign that begins this spring, with “10 days to change course,” running from Earth Day to May Day. It provides coordinated action to multiply, amplify and build synergy across grassroots justice movements. It lifts up local fronts of struggle while calling for a solution as big as the crisis barreling down on us – an emergency green economic transformation, including full employment and living wages; 100% clean renewable energy by 2030; universal free health care and education; food and housing security; an end to deportations and mass incarceration; economic and political democracy; demilitarization; ecosystem restoration and support for the rights of Mother Earth; and more.

As you know, the movement for democracy and justice is sweeping the globe – from democracy revolutions to Occupy protests, movements for the rights of workers, students, immigrants, women and Indigenous peoples; resistance to NSA spying, endless war, prison pipelines, tar sands, fracking, nuclear power, GMOs and more. The accelerating climate disaster – now predicted to dismantle civilization as we know it as soon as 2050 – intensifies all these struggles, and provides new urgency for collaboration and unified action. Clearly there is no time to lose.

This is why we personally are going all in on the Convergence. It holds the promise of unprecedented collaboration – across movements and national borders – to harness the transformative energy and power we already possess as a thousand movements rising up against the global assault on our shared economy, ecology, democracy and peace. Earth Day-to-May Day 2014 will be the first in a series of expanding annual actions.

A number of organizations and individuals have come forward with resources to support direct actions, rallies, marches, festivals and protests. These resources include: Arts and culture (Hip Hop Congress, Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign); free food from local, organic farms (Organic Consumers Assoc.); Civil liberties trainings and support to defend our rights in public gatherings, direct actions and civil disobedience (Civil Liberties Defense Center); Artful Activism, Creative Tactics, organizer toolkits, workshops, Action Brigades and Action Camps (Backbone Campaign); website and newsletter support (Popular Resistance); People’s Movement Assemblies (US Social Forum); an International Solidarity Fast (Yeb Sano, Alan Burns) and a Voter Power project. (See attached “Menu of Earth Day to May Day resources” for further detail.)

Resources to help get the word out (which you can adapt for your local action or event) are listed below, and are being posted on the new Resources section of our website.

To join the Convergence network and receive email updates, go here.

With your help, we can turn the breaking point we face into the tipping point we need, to take back the future we deserve – for People, Planet and Peace over Profit.

Upward together!

Jill Stein, Denechia Powell, Mic Crenshaw, Cheri Honkala, Adam Porton, Nancy Price

PS. Resources available (or soon to be posted) on the website include:

A poster, flyer, and mission statement.

A recent article in about the Convergence and the Earth Day to May Day Wave of Action.

A video of a Convergence kickoff rally that jumpstarted organizing in Chicago.

A tool kit for organizing a kickoff rally including sample email and Facebook announcements and a flyer.

A short video call to action will be available within a week or two. We’ll keep you posted….

You can also simply forward this email to spread the word to your networks and friends.


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