“Power to the Public” is a movement of the people for liberty, equality and solidarity. We find our liberty in the growth of equality in solidarity with the world wide struggle for democratic community power over monopoly power. The tactics and strategy of this struggle are informed by the strength of popular support plus a perseverance of the spirit for human rights, the rights of the ecosystem and the rights of future generations.

With the fervor that many folks support fair trade and buying local, we support the active dismantling of the opposite. The biggest targets are those where private monopolies are strangling communities. This is above the ground organizing without mincing words or standing down. Focused on working on campaigns that encourage mass enfranchisement, boycotts, petitions to government, initiatives, non violent direct action, education, voting, community rights ordinances, community councils, public meetings and more, we build power to the public.

Contact: info (at) powertothepublic (dot) org

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