Jill Stein is looking for WA/OR Coordinators

Green Party’s Jill Stein is looking to hire a WA and Oregon Coordinator. Let me know if you are interested.

Washington & Oregon Coordinators Job Announcement

The Jill Stein for President (Green Party) campaign is seeking a full- or part-time Washington Coordinator and/or Oregon Coordinator to support our groundbreaking 2016 political campaign. The Washington / Oregon Coordinator will need strong interpersonal skills, patience, persistence, enthusiasm, the ability to work with all kinds of people and to keep up in a fast-moving campaign.

Primary Responsibilities:

The Washington / Oregon Coordinator will oversee outreach to voters throughout the state, working with local coordinators to implement the campaign activities in those areas.

The Washington / Oregon Coordinator will report to the Deputy Campaign Director for Field Operations and be responsible for coordinating the efforts of volunteers, utilizing their skills and talents, and providing motivation. Our campaign seeks to empower and build capacity for a new generation of Green Party activists and leaders. The Washington / Oregon will help implement our Young Greens Rising (YGR) initiative.

Tasks will include, but not be limited to:

– inspiring and activating volunteers, donors and community leaders

-work with and helping build local and state Green Party organizations

– assist with local and state fundraising efforts for the campaign
– work with the campaign to coordinate with targeted constituences

– organize GOTV efforts, including literature distribution, phonebanking, canvassing, voter ID and mobilization

– ensure the campaign message reaches voters through a combination of social media and on-the-ground organizing

– help organize and get out the youth vote, including on college campuses

– oversee voter registration drives in each state

– find and open a regional campaign office, if needed


-experience organizing volunteer initiatives, or with political or grassroots campaigns

-ability to inspire and activate people of all ages

-strong oral and written communication skills

-ability to prioritize multiple tasks and stay motivated if working remotely

-a successful track record in working in coalition, grassroots or field organizing

-demonstrated ability to work with diverse communities

-motivated, self-starter with a sense of humor and ability to manage stress

-comfortable with utilizing social media and organizing online

-a commitment to the values and principles of the Green Party and the Jill Stein campaign

-enthusiasm about building an alternative political force in the United States

The salary for this full-time position will be based upon the applicant’s experience. The JSP campaign is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. Women, people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBT applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply, send resume, cover letter, salary expectations and a writing sample to opportunity@jill2016.com. Please put “Washington Coordinator” or “Oregon Coordinator” in the subject header. Resumes without a cover letter will not be considered.

Deadline: August 23, 2016 at 11:59pm PST.


Green Party brings power to the public

I’m drowning in political posts on facebook. Posts about Trump and Hillary both that leave me drained, upset, hopeless, angry and scarily depressed. We are all sucked into a toxic relationship with the both of them and we understand deeply that these are both vain folks out of touch with real people using fear to manipulate and control. I have a horrifying concern. How many folks do you think are committing suicide because of the presidential election?

The American public is stressed. Stress hurts our health and affects our mental state. The horrifying deflation of so many people’s faith this year in American democracy has had to have had a terrible effect. Perhaps no suicide this year can be directly linked but the NY Times has reported that suicide rates have reached a 30 year high. Outside stress and a sour outlook for the future doesn’t help.

Well I’m done with the Trump and Clinton poison pill. I would like to invite everyone I know who is depressed to start a regular regimen of Jill Stein and the Green Party (GP).

The GP platform sets out a vision for the future that is undeniably beautiful. Jill Stein is a brilliant woman who is empowering the strength of love to solve our problems together as we the people for people, planet and peace over profit. While both corporate party candidates are each spreading fear and division, Jill Stein, a doctor, is spreading the antidote, love.

This is good medicine, I want everyone who is stressed to take it and share it. Give the medicine of the beautiful GP vision to your family, your friends and neighbors. Remember, that the medicine isn’t some magical set of words, it is love. Sharing the GP medicine is sharing love.

You do this and quite literally you may save someone’s life, it might even be your own.

Once you start taking the GP medicine, the sharing of the vision, you’ll also find that election day is a day of victory for the strength of your own love in community. The vision will sustain you through 4 years of Trump or Clinton’s pervasive use of fear. It will lift your heart and show that the medicine you give of love you have also been receiving. In the sharing of the vision you will have courage.

You may never become an “official member” of the GP, but when you look around you will find that vision you helped share comes from movements that fight for justice. You’ll find that the moral high road that is the revolutionary path of love is a shared road of many amazing people. You’ll grow the medicine that will finally overcome the nightmares of the corporate controlled death cult and their parties.

From now on I share love. My antidote to this presidential election, a fraud of real democracy, is the GP and I encourage you to find in their vision what fills your heart as well.


Colorado Cares: An initiative for Universal Healthcare in Colorado

The country needs publicly funded healthcare and Colorado is making it happen this year for their state with ColoradoCare. Colorado care gets rid of insurance companies and replaces it with payroll taxes and a single payer government system. It’s expected to save Colorado citizens over $4.5 billion their first year. We all need to look at what they have done and get started on an initiative process to bring it to the rest of the states.

The insurance companies are dropping millions of dollars trying to get rid of this. We have to defend this effort.

I would like to bring the bus to Colorado to support the campaign. Travel the state, share information, canvas homes and promote on the grassroots level the ColoradoCare Campaign.


I’m moving on…

charlie bus sunset

Charlie Hardy’s campaign has reached it’s zenith before the primary on next Tuesday. It has been a hard struggle. I feel like victory is within reach for Charlie and the other volunteers, but it is time for me to leave. Getting to this point took a lot of hard work and tough decisions, Charlie and I have very different ideas on how to run a campaign. I respect Charlie, I think he will be a great Representative, but I’m critical of his knowledge of how to run a campaign and his choices along the way hurt.

This time, just like in 2014 when I showed up before, Charlie had a lot of basics not accomplished despite having been in the race for months. There was an empty schedule of events coordinated or in support of Charlie Hardy directly. He lacked a basic website, he had no teams outside of Cheyenne, no email list, no database of supporters, only a small amount of campaign materials that weren’t very nice and his meetings were chaotic. He had volunteers start new social media rather than reactivating the accounts he already had. His fundraising was nonexistent. Also, this very smart man, had no message discipline and had really weak talking points. In fact he sounded worse now than he did in 2014 when we started, far worse than when we finished that campaign.

The turning point for me was last week. After weeks of building frustration, as it felt like we had two campaigns going, Charlie on his own and then the rest of us together, I felt like it couldn’t go on anymore. We headed out on the road at Charlie’s insistence against some of our better judgment. Rather than prepare for an incredibly important debate, Charlie went against his entire campaign team and went solo to a small forum in Gillette the day before. Needless to say, he bombed in the debate. That lost him votes when he could have easily won if he had listened. Two days later he bombed a second forum on an easy question and did poorly in prepping.

This made me urgently aware that I needed Charlie to focus and I also needed him to follow the guidance of his campaign team that had lifted his campaign thus far from obscurity to being within a fighting chance of winning. In my opinion he was undermining his own campaign, in his opinion my new fervent insistence that he stick to our campaign plan for the last two weeks seemed like a personal attack. On Saturday Charlie asked me to leave the campaign to the shock of everyone involved including myself. Clearly it would hurt his own campaign with one week to go.

I’m glad I was part of the campaign and ready to go. I hope he wins on the 16th still even though I don’t think he has a chance in November nor will he be able to run an interesting campaign. If he wins on the 16th it will be because of the work his volunteers put into it in-spite of Charlie’s guidance. This is not an attack on his skills as a potential Representative because with staff, I know Charlie will do well in representing real people, but he is not a strong campaigner.

I give him slightly less than a 50/50 shot as of today.

After a few days Charlie and I spoke and we hugged. Charlie is a dear friend of mine. That will never change. He would be a great Representative but he certainly is a bad campaigner. I don’t think he realizes how bad his decisions affected his shots of winning still but that’s okay. I am happy to still be his friend.

Charlie Hardy Campaign Update

I’m proud to say that we accomplished a lot in one month on the Charlie Hardy campaign. The primary is August 16th and we will see what happens.

We started from behind. Charlie Hardy through his name in the race a solid two months after Ryan Greene. He captured a small but enthusiastic team from the Bernie Sanders campaign in Cheyenne and they did a lot over the next couple months. They formed a campaign committee, they made flyers, they started new social media and created some campaign videos. They had even managed to raise a few thousand dollars.

When we arrived though, despite their heroic effort, it wasn’t a competitive campaign. We set up Charlie Hardy with a proper website, online donations, re-activated old social media accounts that were far greater in likes, honed a message to capture his target audience and started adding new volunteers. Finally we came up with a campaign plan.

Right now, there are volunteers calling every night targeting registered democrats and door-belling all day on the weekends. We have folks doing that in other cities to some degree as well. The campaign has a strategy for success now. We’ll see if it is too little too late.


Week 1

The fist week back in Wyoming has been productive. I came in to Cheyenne with Bryce and Reed on a 20,000 pound old Crown bus and it felt like we were crashing a party. The party was for Ryan Greene, the opponent of Charlie Hardy in the Democratic primary. Many of the bigger names in the state party were subtly or completely backing Greene.

Greene’s family owns a business that works in the energy industry, he had money and this 33 year old talks like a Republican. He had the audacity to stay that “fracking is part of the culture” in Wyoming. As Bryce put it, “he supports fracking like his great grandma used to do it.” I don’t want to bash him, I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but… come on!

He brags how he has never been to Washington, DC, and doesn’t know a single person in Washington, DC. It’s the sort of thing folks say out here, they can be proudly myopic and ignorant. I don’t think he could find Syria on a map or Iraq or Afghanistan (surely people reading this are saying to themselves they could find at least one of these countries) or Russia (lobbed you one) for that matter!

Charlie has traveled to 30 countries, he speaks about 7 languages. He has traveled to every state and knows people in DC. Like he knows people at the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) not rich lobbyists. He has lived abroad and he goes to countries not as a tourist at some gated resorts, but as a traveler, a people to people ambassador. Don’t we want someone in Congress who knows the people of the world?

Charlie Hardy is thoughtful, a great orator and he loves to meet and have conversation with people. However, Charlie is not great at running a political campaign. He is very honest for example and says what he means. This is definitely a political disadvantage. He also is unwilling to take big PAC money or seek money out with the begging vigor that most politicians have. Finally, he doesn’t have a lot of the fundamentals of how to make a campaign work and since he doesn’t have the money to hire a person who does his campaign is sorely limited.

When we rolled into town on the bus though that marked the beginning of the decline of Ryan Greene’s campaign and the enchanting growth of Charlie Hardy’s campaign. At least that is the story I am pitching in my own narrative!

The truth of course is that Charlie was doing okay! He had a team of enthusiastic Bernie Sanders supporters, neighbors and friends who would meet once a week in Cheyenne to work on his campaign. I met Gonz and AJ, these two folks were dedicated to the Bernie Sanders dream and went door to door for him. They are Latinos and that meant in Wyoming especially they dealt with racism plus they themselves or their family had immigration issues to deal with. They were motivated and they love Charlie!

He also had several strong women who were in his campaign. Janette and her daughter Roxanne are just a delightful energetic duo. Then there is Margot and Liz who have carried a lot of the organizing work. Then there is Ed who is just on top of local issues and a real character. Finally Charlie has several other young guys and gals who show up and help.

Last time I came in 2014 I arrived about two weeks later in July, then it took two weeks of scrambling around to gather the pieces of his campaign that had lost much of it’s steam and start getting it back on course. Of course, I knew no one in the state, which didn’t help either. We got a campaign off the ground eventually, but it relied on spectacle and passion rather than hard core organizing.

This time, we are hitting the ground running. We got a great website launched within two days. We dusted off the old social media platform, which sadly his volunteers weren’t using until we got there, and that meant we had close to 1800 likes on FB. When we started in 2014 we had a couple hundred. We looked at the old campaign plan from 2014 and went through a new vision, goal, strategy and tactics workshop with the volunteers. We also did a reverse engineering of the campaign from victory to today to see what we needed to accomplish. Bryce and I then went on to create a detailed list of what we needed to get done and start putting all that in a calendar and task lists.

I’ve also written several things for the website, pushed big in social media including ad buys. Also because I had been here in 2014 I was capable of digging into my own lists to grab new volunteers across the state and knew what areas of the state we needed to concentrate in.

I also stepped on some toes and Charlie has frustrated me and we had to have some long conversations. We are frustrating to each other in how we operate even though we agree with each other on 95% of issues. The fact is, at the core, me and Charlie are strong friends and with a little conversation we always smooth things over.

I tell Charlie, you be yourself but let me be your samurai. That’s the role I have found I prefer most. He doesn’t particularly like that, but I don’t think he has studied the Art of War. Plus if he wins the primary and ends up facing Liz Chen ey in the general election we’re going to have to be absolutely focused and serious.

To be real, winning the primary is not at all guaranteed. Ryan Greene just boasted on FB that he delivered his thousandth yard sign last week. We have zero. He has some slick videos he paid to get produced which got over 15,000 views so far. He speaks well and he is focused like a salesman, he works on systematically moving more and more people to his side. He is also on top of doing mailers. He hired a company to send out mailers to people the day their absentee ballots show which has already started. He also has a campaign manager named Max who some people have called a Carl Rove like strategist. He is also organizing comments against Charlie on articles and on FB. They are blatantly from his campaign but said by individuals. We are just not that sophisticated.

Despite those disadvantages, Charlie won the Wyoming Tribune Eagle endorsement on Sunday! That is the second largest newspaper in the state and is based in Cheyenne where Charlie has a clear advantage. Charlie already has statewide name recognition from the last campaign and most of the press from that was very positive. This primary will have a larger turnout and we are hoping since Bernie Sanders won the caucus that we can be the clear candidate of choice in that crowd. I had to scramble the past 5 days to really push our connection statewide to Bernie amongst his supporters and I wish I could have done that more months ago instead of right before he steps out. But oh well!

Wyoming has 38,000 registered Democrats. No I am not joking, that is the truth. If I had come out earlier, I think we would have raised enough money to mail something to all of them. Unfortunately, monetarily, the campaign only has a few thousand dollars. But considering that low number, we think if we push for activating volunteers we can get a ground team going that in the last couple weeks can really reach door to door a large number of those people directly. It might be wishful thinking, but that combined with social media advertising, perhaps some radio spots and earned media we could win.

If we win the primary, and we face Liz Cheney, it will be quite a show. I hope that with that ground game in place already we can push hard for people’s vote. I think money will start flowing in as well especially since we proved ourselves in the primary. The odds are very much against us still but the chance for expanding the campaign, going big, might be there.

Anyways, things are exciting here and we are on a good start. I hope everyone is doing well. And thanks for reading!


Thank you all I made it to Cheyenne!

Hi folks! I’ve been in Cheyenne for a week now and I want to talk about that but first I would like to say thank you all for making the journey from Olympia possible. Many of you chipped in to help me get here and a lot of you gave words of encouragement and both were important along the road.

My friend Bryce Phillips from Seattle joined me on this adventure. Bryce and I have known each other for a few years. We probably met originally at Occupy the Capital in Olympia and subsequently we have become friends through a few Backbone Campaign Action Camps and his participation in some events I helped put on. We came together at Action Camp right before I left and he was excited to join in and just packed up his things and got on board with 5 days notice. He’s a great guy and has been a huge help.

The first day we blew a tire but it was lucky because it happened to be right at Bonneville Dam in Oregon and it was a beautiful spot to put on our last spare and hit the road again.  Then just outside of Pendleton the bus started to sound louder than heck! So we pull off at a Walmart and find a section of the exhaust pipe just dangling under the middle.

Luckily then a fellow named Chris who was selling fireworks near by came over and he said he’d help us fix it first thing in the morning. We had an interesting conversation about the Bundy ranch and the stand off takeover at the park building out there that would have made some heads turn but he was a great guy. That next morning he came over whipped the thing on then proceeded to tighten up our belts and such. We had even time there to pick up a few hitchhikers; Jack, Scummy and some other ridiculous road named fellow. These guys were nice as could be.

We took off the next day and were cruising better than ever when just outside of little old Baker City we blew out another tire and, uh oh, no spare! Fortunately the tiny town of Baker City had the most enormous Les Schwab I’ve ever seen. We had to replace the front two wheels, modernize them and get the new kind of tires used. It set us back about $700 but believe me we actually got a rocking good deal.

After that  we never had another problem with the bus. We dropped off the three travelers in Salt Lake City where they planned to meet up with a friend. As far as their plans they only had one, which was to be in New Orleans by Halloween. Sounded like fun. I suggested they check out the RNC and DNC.

Then we picked up Reed Lindsey later in the day at the airport. It was good to see Reed! He’s just an amazing fellow. He is the person making the documentary about the last campaign in 2014. He heard I was going out again and he thought me driving back would be a good hopeful ending to the film. We got as far as Coalville Utah before we parked for the night but it was a joy.

The next day he filmed as we crossed the border and then we pushed on to Cheyenne. Charlie and I reunited for the first time in two years and it was great!

So the journey was a success and we made it with the help of people along the way and the support of everyone who helped out when we took off. I am deeply moved by the support and it feels really right being here.

Thank you!


runwith charlie backdrop


A spiritual & political journey begins…

Hi friendscharlie and bus,

Like many, I was shocked with how well Bernie Sanders did and soured by his probable exclusion. He was anti-establishment despite being a Democrat. Friends, we need his Political Revolution. Today, I’m asking for support in the spirit of Political Revolution to help get the Cascade Freedom Caravan to Wyoming. There, a wise elder, and dear friend, named Charlie Hardy is running against Liz Cheney for Congress.

Charlie Hardy is an author who wrote a book about how he lived for 10 years in a cardboard shack in Venezuela as a priest for the Maryknoll Order accompanying the poor in their struggles. He’s faced soldiers in the barrios and saw the rise of Hugo Chavez and the great changes his legacy brought to the poor. He is one of the smartest, kindest and best people I have ever met. He would be the most inspiring person in Congress should he win.

And what of his opponent? Liz Cheney is the daughter of Dick Cheney and would like to continue his dynasty in government. A daughter of extreme privilege and extreme ideology, a danger to everyone. Dick Cheney should be in jail, his daughter ashamed of his atrocities but it is quite the opposite. She unfortunately has a good chance at winning, but not without a fight.

This Wyoming Congressional election couldn’t feature more of a dichotomy between opposing values. Unlike the Clinton campaign, which will use fear of Trump to motivate support for an unlikable candidate in the pockets of Wall Street, Charlie Hardy will offer a real alternative in the loving spirit of Bernie Sanders’ political revolution.

In 2014, I was Campaign Manager for Charlie Hardy’s longshot run for US Senate. We lost, however it was such an inspiring campaign it is being made into a documentary called “Charlie Vs. Goliath.” This year the campaign has a much better chance at actual victory but it will be difficult and require many resources.

I am driving the Cascadia Freedom Bus to Wyoming once again. I need your help getting the bus there and support for me before you all give to the campaign itself. A donation to me will allow me to get there with the bus and then I can give my time and energy equivalent to the support I gained from you all today.

Charlie Hardy is an inspiration for me. He lived in a cardboard shack among the poorest people of Venezuela in accompaniment to their struggle. To me this is the epitome of the type of struggle and sacrifice we need to undertake in the spread of love and joy for the sake of the people and the planet. When I get to Wyoming I plan on living simply, in community, listen to the calling, following the way, with love and joy in struggle under the guidance of Charlie Hardy. May I learn what joy is from him and sacrifice as well.

I need money, mostly for my bus, it runs great but it is a 1970 Crown. The bio-diesel will be expensive plus it needs new wheels in the not so distant future. It needs insurance as well. I also want to paint it purple for Charlie Hardy before I deliver it to his campaign for his use.

I’m not going to be a paid campaign worker, Charlie Hardy hasn’t the funds to do that. I plan on finding work and a place to live when I get there, volunteering on the evenings and weekends or more depending on how much I can. I can do more if I arrive with a cushion of support.

I wish I could say I was going there with personal savings but I don’t have the funds to fix my front tooth much less fix a bus or move and fight the good fight on my own. My path in life is guided by karma and I hope that if I do the work then people will see that and support it’s continuing. Sometimes we have to make leaps of faith and make personal sacrifices for the common good and mother earth so either way I’ll be fine.

To me this isn’t merely a political journey but a spiritual one. I’m an atheist and Charlie is a former Catholic priest but somehow we both understand each other. I’m hoping that between now and the election we can create together, with the help of many many people, a journey that raises the spirits and generates much love and joy along the way. It will be a real political revolution with the accompanying high road and spiritual empowerment.

Thank you, and I wish you well.

Bruce Wilkinson

Earth Day to May Day! Celebration!

This May 1st, Olympia’s May Day is back as a community extravaganza! It’s a radical political circus celebrating “Earth Day to May Day!” We’ll have an interactive and improvised look at the history through song, theater, art and performance of all kinds! The atmosphere will be engaging, a liberated space, like the feeling of taking to the streets but held in the warmth of the Olympia Ballroom. There will be finger foods and drinks with acts serving as interruptions to a mingling of the engaged and participating masses.

Radical Political Circus, means we’re inviting you all to explore tendencies of the left. We’re hoping you will use humor and exaggerated costume, in a good natured poking fun way, to remember the radical history of struggle. Imagine the costumes of the IWW Wobblies cartoonish Anarchists complete with confetti black bombs, Communists outfitted with buttons plus red star berets and the Women Suffragists from the old images. Of course feel free to come as the tendencies of more recent histories of struggles such as the Black Pathers, Brown Berets, Students for a Democratic Society, SNCC, ACT UP, Earth First, Progressive Democrats of America, Green Party, Socialist Alternative and so on.

Plus let’s be sure to poke fun at the bad guys while we are at it! Let’s make larger than life masks, animistic or human and colorful costumes. The fat cat capitalists with the top hats and monocles, the pigs with bolo hats and clubs, the snitches in stitches, the spy versus spy and the two faced politicians. Very real images to play with and humorous street theater interactions.

This is also the chance for real organizing. All local organizations are invited to have a table if they wish and actively engage in  passionately pulling people’s support. Organize right then and there! Have a meeting on the side and take an action in the liberated moment of the Ballroom as if the street were beckoning. Interact with the costumed villains theatrically to show your muster! Show respect for each other and invite other groups and people to help you in taking down the Fat Cat of capitalism! Teach people to know their rights when the pigs come around! Have an act on proper security culture interacting with the Snitches in Stitches! Put together an impromptu song and dance between the blue union and green environmentalists!

We encourage everyone who has time during the day to go to Seattle for any major marches but come home to the Earth Day to May Day celebration!

The power is yours!